All About The Warranty!

Each watch you purchase at The Time Teller Shop comes with a one-year service warranty starting at the date of purchase unless otherwise indicated in the listing.

Fine Print:

Wristwatches do not keep PERFECT time, and while each watch on the site is professionally serviced (aside from quartz watches) the warranty does not cover watches that happen to run fast or slow.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by the wearer such as:

  • Water damage
  • Cracked/Shattered/scratched crystals
  • Case dents and scratches
  • Damage to the movement and/or complications

Any Alterations/Repairs/Attempted Repairs, general tampering or any form of "custom work" done without prior written consent from The Time Teller Shop will render the warranty null and void.

 How to get your watch repaired under The Time Teller Shop's one-year service warranty:

Please send an email to: