Who Is The Time Teller?

My dad gave me an LL Bean Dial Hamilton Field Watch when I was 8 years old... From then I was hooked!

Even at a young age I associated wristwatches with people I'd see on TV or in movies- from race car drivers, to James Bond, something about wearing a watch made me feel "cool" and "grownup."

I went through many Swatches and G-Shocks, but it wasn't until my early 20s, when I purchased a Seiko SKX007, that my "wristwatch addiction" was fully realized.

I began reading, researching, and absorbing as much watch-related content as I could- as soon as I learned about a certain watch, there would be about 5 more I wanted to learn about and "add to my list" (this phenomenon never stops, unfortunately.)

 It was in 2017 that my best friend and fellow watch collector, Patrick, asked me some questions about my Rolex Bubbleback #2940.

"Bro, you should just record yourself talking about this watch and throw it up on YouTube!", Pat said.

As much as I appreciated his confidence, there's no way anyone would want to watch me sit in my small Los Angeles office and rant about an old Rolex from the 1940s...

I was wrong.

On a whim, I decided to record a short review of my old Rolex and see if anyone had interest in the video.

Views started showing up.

Comments were appearing.

People were eager to learn more!

So I filmed another review, and another, and now (2021) we are around 600+ episodes in, with a staggering 150,000+ Subscribers and growing every day!

I interact with the most supportive people from all over the world on a daily basis, and our common link is our love for wristwatches.

I also hear a common question amongst my viewership: "where can I get a vintage watch without getting screwed!"

After helping viewer, after viewer with the same question, a lightbulb went off in my head... Why don't I curate a collection of vintage luxury watches and offer them at an AFFORDABLE PRICE!?

This is my attempt at combating the confusion and fear when it comes to collecting vintage watches- and I'm hoping my viewers and customers find value here at The Time Teller Shop!

Thanks so much for stopping by- now "Let's Get Down To Business!"

-Jory Goodman, The Time Teller